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Filogix, a Finastra company, has been the technology hub of the Canadian mortgage industry for over two decades, offering secure and reliable software and solutions to mortgage brokers and lenders. Our open platform enables the effective management of the sales process from origination through underwriting, allowing mortgage professionals to seamlessly submit mortgage applications to our lender network from their choice of front-end systems, and for lenders to receive applications regardless of the broker’s platform of choice.

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Learn how Filogix can help you achieve your business goals.

The benefits

Greater secure and reliable connectivity than any other available solution

Solutions can be configured to meet the unique needs of your business

Improved information security and business and risk management


Filogix Expert

We offer a web-based, reliable and secure end-to-end solution for the creation, submission and management of mortgage applications. Expert POS offers secure connectivity between more lenders and mortgage brokers than any other available solution.

Filogix Expert Plus

The steppingstone to a fully digital mortgage experience. A free solution you can access anywhere, anytime to do more, faster.

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Filogix Expert Pro

Available any time, from any type of device, Filogix Expert Pro offers integrated e-signature capabilities, document storage, email marketing features, bank statement retrieval, and much more. This is the future of deal management systems in the industry, enabling you to do more, faster.


Filogix Exchange

Filogix’s secure document management solution enables lenders and mortgage brokers to securely share, store, and manage documents associated with the mortgage application process. Exchange seamlessly integrates with Expert mortgage origination and Express mortgage underwriting solutions, to maximize the efficiency gains associated with electronic document management, while minimizing the additional effort, risk and cost inherent in maintaining a stand-alone solution.


Filogix Express

Our mortgage underwriting solution simplifies activities for lenders, lowers operating costs and enables quicker turnaround on decisions, while ensuring compliance with their unique credit risk policies. Filogix Express provides robust out-of-the-box functionality and includes comprehensive processes and security features for fraud management.


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Shaping 2021: Digital as the key driver of the Canadian Mortgage Industry

Shaping 2021: Digital as the key driver of the Canadian Mortgage Industry 800 450 Finastra Canada

As we head toward the start of a new year and we continue to deal with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing costs and increasing efficiency continue to be top priorities for lenders and brokers. To meet both objectives, the pace of digital adoption needs to accelerate across the industry.

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Filogix Expert Pro: The most powerful solution in the industry

Filogix Expert Pro: The most powerful solution in the industry 1024 575 Finastra Canada